Diagnosis & Treatment

Stop eye disease in its tracks

Whether eye disease runs in your family or your experiencing new vision problems, you can never be too safe. If you think you might have an eye disease, visit Carl S Partain Optometry today for a diagnostic evaluation of each eye.

Bring your medical history

Before your evaluation, we’ll ask you some questions about your medical and health history as well as your family’s medical and health history.

Get unbeatable eye services:

– Glaucoma
– Cataract
– Retinal abnormalities
– Infections
– Allergies
– Thorough exams
– Injury

See if your insurance is accepted

Following your exam, we’ll schedule a consultation to review what we found. We’ll then determine the need for glasses or contact lenses and recommend eye care to correct your vision problem. We accept credit cards and most insurance plans.

New patients are always welcome. Make an appointment today.